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Frequently Asked Questions
d How do I approach a member of Advocates Group 621 in order to obtain legal advice?
d A member of the public is not permitted to approach a member (or any other advocate) directly.  It is required that an attorney first be mandated who will then, in conjunction with the client, decide whether the particular matter justifies the briefing of counsel.  If so, the attorney will prepare a brief for the member selected.  In the conduct of the matter, the member briefed will always work in conjunction with the instructing attorney.
I have seen a member of Advocates Group 621 act for a big company in one matter and against it in another.  Why is this the case?
Advocates guard their independence fiercely.  Accordingly, a member can indeed be briefed to act for a certain client in one matter and against the very same client in another matter.  This is permissible so long as the facts in the two matters do not overlap.  If the member became privy to facts relating to the client in the first matter that might assist him or her in the latter case against the same client, he or she may not accept the latter brief.
How will the Legal Practice Bill, of which there has been much coverage in the media, affect the work done by members of the group?
There is still a great deal of uncertainty about the final form the LPB will take.  In early 2013, both the General Council of the Bar and the Law Society of South Africa submitted representations concerning the LPB.  While the LPB envisages a formally unified profession, in practice it is likely that much will remain the same..
How do I know what fees I will be charged for the legal advice or services I receive?
Ordinarily, members charge for the services they render on an hourly basis.  This is an issue the instructing attorney will often discuss with the member before a decision to brief him or her is made.  Members also intermittently work on a pro bono basis in meritorious cases either where the matter raises issues of public concern or where the client is indigent.
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